Your hardwood floors make a statement in your home. Their beauty and durability are second to none. The show off your homes furnishings and area rugs and express your taste in interior design. They can however take a beating and become dull and listless.

Wood Floor Cleaning Florence, SC

Here at Carolina Surface Restoration we do not offer full sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors. We do however offer cleaning and maintenance of these beautiful floors. Our system is designed to not only keep you hardwood floors looking great but extends their life. If properly maintained your wood floors will not have to be sanded as often. Not only will still look great but you will save the time and money it takes to have them refinished.

We employ the Basic Coatings System to clean and finish your floors. Our machines are specifically designed to clean hardwood floors. After a thorough deep cleaning – we apply 2 coats of a urethane finish to keep your floors in a like new condition.

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